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Kensy and Max 9: Chasing Danger by Jacqueline Harvey

Kensy and Max 9: Chasing Danger by Jacqueline Harvey


What do you do when ghosts rise from the past? When they reveal long-buried secrets that could turn your world upside down?

When an earthquake causes a breach at a super-secret Pharos prison, Kensy and Max must join an urgent assignment to Queenstown, New Zealand. Time is of the essence – the escaped prisoners are two highly dangerous men out for revenge against both Pharos and the Spencer family.

The twins head into the wilderness in pursuit. But the mountains are dangerous, and instability brought on by the earthquake is only making things worse. Meanwhile, strange things are happening back in London as one Pharos agent is attacked and another disappears. It will take all of Kensy and Max’s hard-earned skills to come out of this mission alive – but what will be waiting for them when they do?

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