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Princess in Black and the Giant Problem (Princess in Black #8)

Princess in Black and the Giant Problem (Princess in Black #8)


With a noisy giant crashing around the kingdom, the Princess in Black uses the Sparkle Signal to call ALL her heroic friends together for a huge adventure.

The Princess in Black is ready for her snowy playdate with the Goat Avenger and the Princess in Blankets. It’s a perfect day to build snow monsters and battle them for practice. But just when they’re about to wage battle, a huge foot smashes their snow monster. “SQUASHY!” It’s a giant, and it’s smashing everything in its path!


The giant is too strong for the three friends, but the Princess in Blankets has an idea: it’s time to light the Sparkle Signal and summon help! With a rising crescendo of a plot and a delightfully surprising ending, this installment of the New York Times best-selling series features all the Princess in Black’s friends as heroes for the first time.

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