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Together, they are the EnviroTeens and they are about to get very, very angry. Singleuse Plastic Brendan may have an evil plan to destroy all the world's turtles with his dastardly tur-tele-pooter but, believe it or not, there is something even more sinister than an angry plastic bag on a garbage island in the middle of the ocean ... Climate change! Oh no! The EnviroTeens will do anything to stop this impending disaster: scale slippery volcanoes, scurry through forests full of poisonous armpit monsters, even meet Senator Ian, the Climate Denialist Potato. But can three teenagers and a chicken save the whole world? Why not, nobody else is! Maybe they are in with a chance? I can't look, it's too exciting!

A hilarious graphic novel about a group of teens who are determined to clean the planet and clear the air. A proportion of the publisher's profits will be donated to School Strike 4 Climate Australia.

The Carbon-Neutral Adventures of the Indefatigable Enviroteens by Andrew Marlton

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