Without DNA there wouldn't be life - this awesome molecule holds the code that allows living things to grow, develop, and make copies of themselves.

It's inside every living plant and animal, from the tiniest seed to the person standing next to you, but how much do you know about DNA? This book introduces children aged 7-9 to the amazing science of genetics and what makes you you.

From why we have different coloured eyes to why we age, this book gives children an in-depth look at DNA and its role in all living things. Discover what DNA is, what is does, and how it shapes our lives, including inheritance and why we look like our parents; forensic science and how DNA evidence helps catch criminals; and genetic engineering and if we could bring dinosaurs back to life. With fun illustrated DNA characters, clear diagrams, and fascinating photographs, children will love learning about themselves and this all-important molecule.

The DNA Book: Discover what Makes You You by Alison Woollard