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At Better Read Than Dead, Newtown

Better Read Kids is a wonderful venture in children’s literature. Owners of Better Read Than Dead, Newtown, and parents to four kids each, Pat and Terry have learned that it’s never too early to instill a love of reading in children.


Extra space was dedicated to Better Read Kids within Better Read Than Dead to promote an extensive range of books for children, from babies to young adults. Our bookstore has since been recognised as the best for kids books in both range and selection by Time Out Magazine Sydney.


We are passionate about providing a creative space for children and young adults to grow and develop their own love of literature. As part of this endeavour, we host regular school holiday workshops in writing and illustrating, host events with children’s authors, run creative writing competitions for children and we visit local schools and community spaces. We do all this with the aim of inspiring a child’s love of books and sparking a child’s creativity.

Kate, Karren and Ally are our resident children’s and young adult book experts. They are always ready to help you with any queries you may have.


Do you have a voracious reader you simply can’t keep up with? 

Are you looking for a book on a specific topic or theme?

Would you like to find a follow-up read to a particular book beloved by your child?

Are you struggling to get you child enthused by reading?

Do you sort of remember the colour and shape of a book you saw one time that you’d

really like to get your hands on?


Our Better Read Kids team can help with all these questions, and with whatever else you can throw at them!


Simply send them an email at and they will get back to you.

Or, you can reach them on (02) 9540 3788.


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