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November Staff Picks

Book of the Month

In My Blood It Runs

by Dujuan Hoosan, Margaret Anderson and Carol Turner


Based on the award-winning film, In My Blood It Runs is the story of Dujuan who lives with his family and dog Panda at Ewyenper-Atwatye (Hidden Valley). In his blood runs the land, ancestors and history of his family. Dujuan’s Great-Nana tells him that the country is “like a human spine…that’s the part that holds you together.” Dujuan wants to be the voice of his people but can only learn English at school, so Nana Carol tells him to learn both so he can stand up for his people, land and himself.


As Dujuan struggles with the divide between school/town and his culture, his family send him to live in the bush to learn the old ways and history of his people. This is a story of identity, resistance, love and finding pride in who you are. This inspiring story is told evocatively through both the storytelling and stunning illustrations by Blak Douglas. A must read for everyone. - Ruby


Ruby's Pick

Ruby's Repair Cafe

by Michelle Worthington


Ruby loves fixing things! She makes Pete’s toaster pop again, she sews Darcy’s dress and she fixes Brock’s clock. When a department store is built next door, Ruby’s shop goes out of business. But, the town may just yet rely on her resourcefulness to save it…

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Ruby's Pick (Again)!

Tonight I Burn

by Katharine J Adams


Another delicious, witchy book to devour. A coven of witches with the power to walk between life and death are bound in servitude to a tyrant. Breaking the rules risks all but rebellion may be brewing...This was dark and romantic and I loved it!


Hugh's Pick

Artichoke to Zucchini

by Alice Oehr


This cute little book is the most fun way to learn the alphabet! But be might make you hungry! With illustrations of virtually every kind of food imaginable, this book is sure to delight young readers.


Ally's Pick

An Unofficial Guide to the

World of Studio Ghibli

by Michael Leader and Jake Cunningham


Oh my gosh! This book is just perfect! As someone who discovered and quickly became obsessed with the world of Studio Ghibli during lockdown, I was so excited to dig into the fun facts, awesome activities and beautiful artworks this book provides. My favourite part was learning how to dress up as Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service! This book is such an accessible, interesting and kid-friendly ode to the Ghibli universe and I had a lot of fun diving into it!


Angus's Pick


by Steve Mushin


An environmental and positive book encouraging creative thinking and engagement with science, maths and architecture for young Einsteins! This book is brimming with quirky, fun and unique designs reshaping thinking about our cities, ecosystems and our local animals. This will get our promising young thinkers' minds whirring in a fun and environmentally-friendly way.


Lewis's Pick

Fluff: Bullies Beware!

by Matt Stanton


From the creator of the Funny Kid comes a new series for beginning readers! Gilbert (and his friend Fluff) have a bully problem. BUT! In their quest for revenge, will they take it too far? A fun, funny book about the power of walking away.


Ally's Pick (Again!)

Nothing Ever Happens

by Heidi McKinnon


These two fish are best buddies. They're also bored! They're starting to get sick of the same old seaweed, same old rock, same old ocean...they soon find themselves wishing that something exciting would happen to them. Careful what you wish for, little fish! There's a whale with its jaws wide open heading right your way! This book is sweet, funny and I highly recommend it for readers 3-6.

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