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Billy and Rose by Amy Hest

Billy and Rose by Amy Hest


The diligent sheep and the mellow pig who debuted in Billy and Rose: Forever Friends are back - and they have strong opinions! Even best friends can disagree, whether the topic is books (tall blue books versus fat red ones), rain (will it or won’t it?), the perils of a bad hair day (should Rose concur that Billy is having one?), or the incendiary question of which flavor of cupcake is best.


Sharing, books and a purple umbrella, compliments and cupcakes (two flavors), is the very antidote to seriousness in this second set of four witty stories to feature the endearing pair.


Kady MacDonald Denton’s warm and spirited illustrations complement Amy Hest’s gentle study of friends as they debate the important issues of the day and reap the rewards of compromise.

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