The theme for our 12th Better Read Kids Writing Competition was Colours, and for the very first time we’ve had so many entries we’ve been able to publish three separate books! Each of the 370 authors interpreted their theme in an utterly unique way and captured the essence of their allocated colours beautifully through their stories and poetry. 


Kids aged 6-9 embraced the theme Green and wrote marvellous tales of adventures through forests and bushland, of children who love the colour green or turn green in mysterious circumstances and of aliens, bugs, dinosaurs, pandas and dragons!


Some of the entrants have also entered other pieces into our previous writing competitions, so seeing how their writing has developed and been inspired by the opportunity provided by the Better Read Kids writing competitions is a bigger measure of magic than any tale could offer. There are definitely some future authors within the pages of this anthology, and each one sings with a love for books, words, and storytelling.

Colours Green Stories: An Anthology of Writing by Better Read Kids