Our inaugural Kids Writing Competitioon Anthology, Winter Stories, features pieces by kids between the ages of 8 and 12 who each submitted a truly unique short creative piece of approximately 800 words.


8 and 12 submitted a truly unique short creative piece of approximately 500 words.

Frosty fantasy worlds, murderous villains who use the cover of fog to do their deeds, snowball fights, unexpected snow, historical winters, chilly time-benders, permanently icy worlds that use books as kindling, spin-chilling stalkers, snow-dwelling animals, and winter’s perspective on it all… These pieces are heart-felt and raw, tense and mysterious, sophisticated and nuanced, and stuck to the theme in the most interesting and original of ways.


Some of the pieces were even begun at our July School Holiday Workshops, so seeing the final result after lots of hard brain-storming and dedicated work is the warmest delight this Sydney winter had to offer. There are definitely some future authors within the pages of this anthology, and each one sings with a love for books, words, and storytelling.

Winter: An Anthology by Better Read Kids


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